For Women

Women's Tailoring Alterations

You deserve to wear clothing that fits right and makes you feel confident. In fact, at Superior Tailoring & Alterations, our very mission is to help you feel comfortable in the skin you’re in. And when your clothes don’t fit right, it’s harder to feel beautiful, successful, and ready to take on the day! So allow Superior Tailoring & Alterations to customize your clothing, completing each project with our Superior Promise—that you will be 100% satisfied with the results and your bill reflects that you got the outcome you hoped for, not the hourly amount of any extra fixes or tweaks.


Blouse Alterations

Wearing a beautiful and well-fitting top can make all the difference in a women’s confidence and how she presents herself. So if you have a blouse that doesn’t fit quite right, we can alter it so that you are excited to put in on—whether it’s in the morning before work or before a night on the town.

Bridal Alterations

Every woman wants to feel stunning in her wedding dress, and for most women, the dress they fall in love with at the bridal boutique requires at least a few tweaks before it fits exactly how they want it to. Superior Tailoring & Alterations does bridal fittings in the comfort of your own home and then does anywhere from one to four fittings/series of alterations to get it just right. Learn more about the types of alterations available here.


Dress & Skirt Alterations

Whether it’s for work, fun, or a special occasion, a dress or skirt that doesn’t fit quite right is no good. We commonly see customers looking for alterations for formal gowns, bridesmaids/flower girl dresses, and other formal dresses. But you deserve to have your more frequently worn dresses and skirts to fit and feel amazing as well. Check out all the kinds of alterations we provide for dresses and skirts here.

Pants & Slacks Alterations

The right fitting pants make you feel like a million bucks! So why settle for pants that don’t fit you like they should. From hemming, to reducing pant leg bagginess, and bringing in the waistline, Superior Tailoring & Alterations fixes your pants and slacks so they fit just like you like them and help you feel confident and ready to shine.


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