Women's Pants & Slacks Alterations

The right fitting pants make you feel like a million bucks! So why settle for pants that don’t fit you like they should? From hemming, to reducing pant leg bagginess, and bringing in the waistline, Superior Tailoring & Alterations fixes your pants and slacks so they fit just like you like them and help you feel confident and ready to shine.

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Zipper Replacement

Women's Pants Alterations overview


Hemming women’s slacks and pants simply involves making them shorter to fit the needs of your legs. The main difference between hemming women’s slacks and men’s slacks however, is that men’s slacks often have extra fabric that allows you to lengthen the pant, whereas women’s slacks do not.

Bring in Waistband

We can bring in the waistband in a pair of women’s slacks or pants so they fit properly in the waist. Oftentimes, women’s slacks also have elastic in the waistband, so we bring that in along with the fabric of the pant.

Reduce Pant Leg Bagginess

For women’s slacks and dress pants with wide legs, they can be tapered to be a bit more form-fitting and closer to the current trend. We taper the leg along the center seam and create the leg shape you desire.

Zipper Replacement & Repair

Superior Tailoring & Alterations does not do zipper repair because we cannot guarantee that a zipper will work again. We can do a zipper replacement, but because of how time-consuming the process is it is a more costly alteration that we don’t usually recommend. 

​Our Happy Clients

Men's & Women's Alterations

Andrew Melendrez

Rachel is the bomb. She does all the pants on my suits and even did some items for my wife. [Superior Tailoring & Alterations is] fast, friendly, and affordable.

Wedding Dress Alteration

Jessica Rodrique

Rachel altered my wedding dress for me and it turned out perfect. I was much more comfortable with the back being so low once she fixed the gapping that was happening. She made the whole experience quick easy and affordable and I will always recommend her to everyone I know who needs alterations.

Women's Dress Alteration

Ana Hernandez

Rachel helped me save a floor-length dress I needed to have fixed. After taking it to a different seamstress, my floor-length dress was returned with a botched hemline that was 3 inches shorter in a large area in the back of the dress. When I needed to have the dress fixed with only 2 days before my event, I found Rachel online and called her. She was genuinely concerned and wanted to help. She saw me at 8 pm that same night and had my dress back to me two days later with a professional and beautiful hem! If you need someone to trust with your dress, take it to Rachel!

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