Women's Bridal Alterations

Your wedding dress may very well be one of the most important items of clothing you wear during your lifetime. So you certainly can’t settle for a poor fit. At Superior Tailoring & Alterations, we want your wedding dress to fit you perfectly, and we guarantee you’re completely happy with your alterations. We come to you to do fittings in your home so you feel confident and comfortable throughout the process. I’ll give you an estimation and guarantee that estimation, even if we have three to five rounds of alterations. Sometimes, I’ll even bring my sewing machine to your home to do on-the-spot alterations if needed.

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​Estimated Price
$80 – $240
Hemming Train
$160 – $240
Shoulders & Straps
$80 – $120
$160 – $280
Hips & Thighs
$80 – $160
$20 – $120
Back & Sides
$80 – $120
measuring under the bust of wedding dress for bridal alteration

Bridal Alterations overview

Every woman wants to feel stunning in her wedding dress, and for most women, the dress they fall in love with at the bridal boutique requires at least a few tweaks before it fits exactly how they want it to. Superior Tailoring & Alterations does bridal fittings in the comfort of your own home and then does anywhere from one to four fittings/series of alterations to get it just right. Learn more about the types of alterations available below.

Hemming - No Train

Hemming a wedding dress that does not have a train is very straightforward, and simply involves bringing up the bottom of the dress so it’s the appropriate length.

Hemming - With Train

When we hem a wedding dress with a train, the length we take off the bottom tapers throughout the circumference of the dress. Hemming a dress with a train also involves hemming multiple layers of fabric but we will do so seamlessly.

Shoulders & Straps

Shoulders that are too broad and straps that are too long can both be taken in for a bridal dress. However, it can be a more intricate alteration than in a normal dress because often wedding dresses have beading, sequins, overlays, and other detailing to consider. We make alterations to straps and shoulders to avoid any visible seams as well.

Bring in the Bodice

Bringing in the bodice makes a wedding dress more form-fitting through the torso. Different than a normal dress though, many wedding dresses have bones in the bodice, which are made of wire or plastic and give the bodice a corset appearance. Tailoring the bodice in a dress with bones takes expertise and care.

Tailor the Hips & Thighs

For a mermaid style dress or another style of form-fitting dress, a tight fit in the hips and thighs is a must. We can bring in the fabric along the seams to make it tight in just the right places. We can also make sure it’s form-fitting around the bottom. Other shops might tell you they won’t do that, but at Superior Tailoring & Alterations, we do!

Tailor the Waist

Sometimes tailoring the waist of a wedding dress goes along with tailoring the torso. We can put a dart in to bring fabric in at the waist, and there are many other ways we can take it in. It just depends on the way the dress is made.

Tailor the Back & Sides

The back of a dress can be one of the most stunning parts of a dress. But if it’s gapping in the wrong places, it’s not going to work. We can bring in the back so it hugs the natural curve of your spine, and we can also do this by bringing in the sides.

Bustle the Train

For wedding dresses with trains, most women want to be able to bustle them so they can move around more freely at their wedding reception. To create a bustle, we add a button towards the end of the train and then a button loop under the zipper of the dress so at your wedding, someone can help you fasten the train to the dress so it doesn’t drag on the floor while you're dancing and mingling. Neither the loop or the button will be visible to others.

​Our Happy Clients

Women's Dress Alteration

Ana Hernandez

Rachel helped me save a floor-length dress I needed to have fixed. After taking it to a different seamstress, my floor-length dress was returned with a botched hemline that was 3 inches shorter in a large area in the back of the dress. When I needed to have the dress fixed with only 2 days before my event, I found Rachel online and called her. She was genuinely concerned and wanted to help. She saw me at 8 pm that same night and had my dress back to me two days later with a professional and beautiful hem! If you need someone to trust with your dress, take it to Rachel!

Wedding Dress Alteration

Jessica Rodrique

Rachel altered my wedding dress for me and it turned out perfect. I was much more comfortable with the back being so low once she fixed the gapping that was happening. She made the whole experience quick easy and affordable and I will always recommend her to everyone I know who needs alterations.

Patch Sewing

Arkylus Beyer

Rachel did a great job sewing on my name tapes for my Army uniform! I will be back for any future sewing needs!!

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