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Men's & Women's Alterations

You probably wish every item of clothing you took off the rack at a store or ordered off the internet fit you perfectly. But it just isn’t so. Thankfully, alternations allow for men’s and women’s clothing to be tailored to be custom fit. Tailoring and alterations can be as simple as sewing on a button or as elaborate as building a new item of clothing from scratch. And Superior Tailoring and Alterations does it all. Whether you’re looking for changes to men’s, women’s, or children’s clothing, or even have a miscellaneous project like curtains, patchwork, or mending a bag, Superior Tailoring & Alterations can help.

measuring under the bust of wedding dress for bridal alteration

Women's Alterations

All kinds of women’s clothing can require alterations to get the right fit. Don’t let that blouse that fits too loosely sit on the hanger or those pants that need a hem never get to see the light of day. Investing in alterations means creating clothing that makes you feel more confident, beautiful, and ready to take on the world.

Men's Alterations

If you don’t feel confident in the clothes you wear, it could be they just don’t fit correctly. So often we see men who buy a clothing item to fit one critical part, like the neck or the shoulders, and the rest of the piece needs alterations to fit properly. For any clothing item, alterations elevate men’s clothing to give them a tailored, customized fit, leaving their wearers feeling proud and prepared for anything.

tailor measuring man's chest

Miscellaneous Alterations

We know not every sewing project is clothing related. And we love to tackle any kind of mending, hemming, or patchwork you can throw our way. Miscellaneous projects include hemming scrubs, patches, winterwear/jackets, and anything else you can come with! Click below to learn more about miscellaneous alterations.

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