Waist Alterations Men & Womens

Ladies, if you have curves of any kind you know how hard it is to get a pair of pants that fits you properly around the waist. Gentleman, we know that sometimes the booty doesn’t fit right or you’ve been working on that dad bod and it’s a little tight around the middle.

For both of you, waist alteration of your garment is the best choice. We’ll bring the waist in or out according to the needs of your fit. If this is the only alteration required, it’s a fast 1-2 hour job.

Estimated Price: $35 – $70 (1-2 Hours of Labor)

There’s a multitude of things that increase the scope and complexity of a waistline alteration.

One of the big things worth noting is that we’re not magicians – we can’t magically increase the amount of fabric in a garment to expand a waistline. Most pants contain some wiggle room (1-2in. around the waist) but if pants have been altered before it may be impossible to expand further.

If alteration of a woman’s skirt or pant around the waistline requires altering additional parts of the item – it increases the complexity of the alteration. For example, bringing the waistline in and having to move the pockets to accommodate the new seam line around the hips.

In all cases we advocate coming in to schedule a fitting so that we can assess how long it will take to achieve the desired waistline alteration and give you proper estimate.

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