Shirt or Blouse Alterations

One of the most common items we alter are shirts and blouses. It’s quite common that our customers have a favorite shirt that just doesn’t fit right and they don’t know why. We can help identify why, address it, and even teach you how to shop for your body type so that you can save money on future alterations.

Often times customers discover they have the same challenge across multiple garments and they will all require the same or similar alterations. You might have a shorter or a longer torso. You might have shorter or longer arms. Each of these creates a need for custom tailoring so that the garment fits as intended.

The average price of a shirt alteration is $35-70. Meaning, it takes one of our seamstresses about one to two hours to finish the alteration. But this is just the average. Once we see you and the garment for a fitting, we’ll be able to give a proper estimate so that you can decide if you would like the blouse or shirt altered.

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