Hemming Pants, Blouses, and Dresses:

Often times a garment fits well on one part of our body, but unfortunately is too long. We can simply hem the item to change the length. Depending on the garment, whether it be a pair of pants, a blouse, or a dress, the hem might need to be done differently.

In order to hem your garment we’ll need you to schedule a fitting with one of our seamstresses. Make sure to bring the shoes to your fitting that you intend to wear with the item. being hemmed. We’ll take your measurements and mark the garment for the hem, then render the service for you.

Prices vary. A regular pair of pants is $10. A single layer blouse or garment with under 2 yards of sewing to do, it would be $10. Depending on the fabric or the number of layers, the price may be based instead on the hourly rate of $35/hr and you will receive an estimate upon fitting.

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