Men's Shirt & Dress Shirt Alterations

You know when a shirt doesn’t fit right. Maybe you know exactly why, like the sleeves are too long. Or maybe you can’t put your finger on it, it just doesn’t feel comfortable. At Superior Tailoring & Alterations, we bring our sewing expertise and alterations to the table to create pieces you are proud and excited to wear—whether it’s a shirt you only wear for special occasions or one that’s in your regular rotation.

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​Estimated Price
$80 – $160
Shorten Shirt
$40 – $80
$40 – $80
Shorten Sleeves
$80 – $120
Button Replacement
$5 – $80

Men's Shirt Alterations overview

You know the feeling when your outfit is on point. But when you clothes don’t fit right, that magic feeling is just not there. Look and feel your best with alterations that make your clothes custom-fit, just for you. Whether it’s a tailored suit for special occasions or a simple hem on the slacks you wear to work on the regular, alterations give you the ability to present your best self.

Tailor the Torso

When a shirt or dress shirt fits well in the neck but it’s too baggy through the torso, we can take in the fabric in the body, tailor it to fit your torso, and make sure the lines are uniform.

Shorten the Shirt

No one likes tucking tons of extra fabric into their pants or having a shirt that hangs awkwardly long. To shorten a shirt, we either hem the bottom to an appropriate length or if it’s a shirt that’s tucked in, we shorten the shirt length by removing extra fabric and creating a new seam.

Reduce Sleeve Bagginess

If the sleeves on a dress shirt are too big, and many times this is the case if the torso also needs tailoring, we taper the sleeves so they fit properly instead of loosely. Oftentimes, tailoring the torso and the sleeves are services that come hand-in-hand.

Shorten the Sleeves

Show up in a shirt that fits you well, with sleeves that are the right length. If sleeves are too long, they can easily be altered to the correct length. Shortening the sleeves is a very common men’s alteration.

Button Replacement

A common add-on or service in-and-of-itself is button replacement. If you have a button that fell off your shirt, we’re happy to sew it back on for you. Often a replacement button is located inside the shirt, or, if needed, we will do an entire button replacement (all 12-15).

​Our Happy Clients

Quilt Restoration

Rachel listened to me and finished an heirloom that I will cherish the rest of my life. I had part of a quilt that my great-great-grandmother had started for me as a baby. She died before it was finished. I have kept the quilted squares for years. I was always afraid to ruin it but Rachel took it and added her love on this project and as I said it will be a family heirloom that I can pass down to my daughter and so on. Thank you!

Karen Borillo

Women's Dress Alteration

Rachel helped me save a floor-length dress I needed to have fixed. After taking it to a different seamstress, my floor-length dress was returned with a botched hemline that was 3 inches shorter in a large area in the back of the dress. When I needed to have the dress fixed with only 2 days before my event, I found Rachel online and called her. She was genuinely concerned and wanted to help. She saw me at 8 pm that same night and had my dress back to me two days later with a professional and beautiful hem! If you need someone to trust with your dress, take it to Rachel!

Ana Hernandez

Patch Sewing

Rachel did a great job sewing on my name tapes for my Army uniform! I will be back for any future sewing needs!!

Arkylus Beyer

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