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What Goes into a Major Men’s Shirt Alteration in Albuquerque?

When you buy a new shirt at the store, it’s not always easy to tell how much work is required for your men’s dress shirt alteration. Hopefully, this video will provide some insight into what a major buttoned shirt alteration would look like.

In this blog post, and in the video above, I’ll do my best to share some insight with the help of one of my favorite customers in helping you budget and plan for your custom alterations.

Begin Video Transcript of ‘What Goes into a Major Men’s Dress Shirt Alteration?’

Hi there, this is Rachel with Superior Tailoring and Alterations, and I’m here with a client to go over a major alteration that he has done. So there are two reasons why you’d actually come to me for this kind of alteration. One is because you absolutely love the pattern and you can’t find it in the size that is better for you.

Also, another one is that you’re sentimental about it. Maybe you’ve lost a lot of weight and you just love it and you want to take it on your journey with you throughout life that you have going on.

So I’m going to turn the camera around and we’re going to go over what those alterations are so that you can see what I do and why it costs so much.

Click the video above to play and learn more:

So I thought … Well, really quick, I found this print and the only thing that was available was an XL, and this is huge on me. Right? But there was nowhere … went to a couple of places in town to find it and this was the best that I could do. So yeah, this is going to be a major alteration. But I love the print and so take us through what is going to be included in this and your magic.

Okay, so first off, the color is great because you don’t really wear ties. We already went over that. So it doesn’t really have to be super tight, but it’s good. We’re not going to change anything about the color, that’s good there.

Now if we look at the shoulders here, I want to get some good light on here. So we’ve got some good light here. You can see the shoulder seam here. I’ll zoom in here. And it goes past his shoulder.

So if I leave the shoulder seams where they are, then when I bring in the sides you’re going to have some pucker here. No one likes that. That’s going to look altered and very second-rate. So I need to actually remove the entire shirt sleeve. So I have to take out, meticulously, all of this stitching here, all the way around, take off the entire sleeve and then move this. Actually cut the fabric so that I can move the shoulder seam up on the shoulder so that it’s going to give him that great look.

And then the sleeve, it is too long. So I will be taking off the cuff. I will be cutting it. And I’ll be doing that after I move the shoulder up because it may fix the issue of the length, probably not because there’s a lot of length here. And then on this, there is the seam. I want to show you the kind of seam that’s here.

So this seam here, I’m going to zoom in on this. Let it focus here. Sorry about that, guys. You can see how it’s double stitching here. One here and one here. It’s folded over and it’s folded over on the inside as well. So that is a hem or a seam, sorry, that actually takes quite a bit of time. I can’t really just taper things in. It’s up here and I have to make it all line up.

So this is a seam that is so laborious to take out and redo, but thank goodness we’re going to go all the way up. It’s one straight line that goes through here. And so it is a little bit easier because I don’t have to be doing any tapering, like a lot of alteration here and a little bit here. We’re going to take out some from all the way up the arm. So it makes it easier because putting in and tapering it in, it’s very difficult to do that with this.

You have to take out some of the stitches and then fold it over, and it can look wonky. We don’t want that. We want it to look 100% professional. So all in all, I’m going to also take in the sides here. We’re going to take in the sleeves here. We’re going to take off the shoulders here and we’re going to move that up. So this can take anywhere from three to four hours. That is 70 to 145 … or $140 plus tax to do that alteration. So again, the only reason why you would have me do this kind of alterations is that you absolutely love this print or you’re super sentimental about it.

So if that is not you, and you have an article of clothing that needs a lot of alterations, just maybe think about donating it and buying something that is better to your size and is less of an alteration.

If you want more information about getting fit for you and some tips on how to get better fits when and less money in your alteration services, then go to or visit the link below, or on the website, there’s also a phone number that you can get ahold of me. Thank you!


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