For Men

Men's Tailoring & Alterations

You know the feeling when your outfit is on point. But when your clothes don’t fit right, that magic feeling is just not there. Look and feel your best with alterations that make your clothes custom-fit, just for you. Whether it’s a tailored suit for special occasions or a simple hem on the slacks you wear to work on the regular, alterations give you the ability to present your best self.


Shirt Alterations

You know when a shirt doesn’t fit right. Maybe you know exactly why, like the sleeves are too long. Or maybe you can’t put your finger on it, it just doesn’t feel comfortable. At Superior Tailoring & Alterations, we bring our sewing expertise and alterations to the table to create pieces you are proud and excited to wear—whether it’s a shirt you only wear for special occasions or one that’s in your regular rotation.

Blazer & Jacket Alterations

There’s nothing like a sharp jacket or blazer to finish off a men’s outfit. But when a jacket or blazer doesn’t fit right, it takes away from the whole look. A jacket is supposed to make you look professional, polished, and put together. But if it’s too baggy or too long, it leaves the wrong impression. If you have a jacket you love but it doesn’t fit quite right or needs repair, let Superior Tailoring & Alterations help you out.


Pants & Slacks Alterations

Well-fitting pants are an important part of a men’s outfit. And we firmly believe that when your clothes fit right, including your pants, you’re able to show up for yourself and for others in a big way. From everyday slacks for the workplace to dress pants for a formal event, Superior Tailoring & Alterations is here to help.

Suit & Tuxedo Alterations

Suits and tuxedos are worn on special occasions when you want to look and feel your best. Of course, that goes beyond the suit itself and involves the fit of the suit. To bring your A-game, you need a suit or tux that fits you completely, and we are here to make that happen!


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