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Men's Pants & Slacks Alterations

Well-fitting pants are an important part of a men’s outfit. And we firmly believe that when your clothes fit right, including your pants, you’re able to show up for yourself and for others in a big way. From everyday slacks for the workplace to dress pants for a formal event, Superior Tailoring & Alterations is here to help.

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​Estimated Price
$20 – $80
Taper Leg
$20 – $60
In Waistband
$80 – $160
Out Waistband
$80 – $160
Pocket Repair
$20 – $120
Zipper Replacement

Men's Pants & Slacks Alterations overview

If you don’t feel confident in the clothes you wear, it could be they just don’t fit correctly. So often we see men who buy a clothing item to fit one critical part, like the neck or the shoulders, and the rest of the piece needs alterations to fit properly. For any clothing item, alterations elevate men’s clothing to give them a tailored, customized fit, leaving their wearers feeling proud and prepared for anything.


Hemming is a very common alteration we deal with when it comes to slacks and pants. By design, most slacks come unhemmed so you can tailor them to your needs. And we want to know how you like your slacks hemmed (some other tailors only do it a specific way). We can consult you with our expertise, and make sure your pants are just the right length and hemmed how you like them.

Taper Leg Width

For slacks and dress pants with wide legs, they can be tapered to be a bit more form-fitting and closer to the current trend. We taper the leg along the center seam and create the leg shape you desire.

Bring in the Waistband

If the waistband is too large on a pair of pants, we bring in the waistband so that the pants are no longer too big, but fit just right. 

Expand the Waistband

It’s certainly not possible in all cases, but in some slacks, it’s possible to let out the waistband using the fabric that’s already built into the garment. Many men's slacks have anywhere from a quarter-inch to a full inch or two of room to expand the waistband.

Pocket Repair

A hole in a pocket can be a nightmare! You certainly don’t want to risk losing your things! Superior Tailoring and Alterations can replace pockets by putting new fabric there and creating a new pocket in the old one’s place.

Zipper Repair and Replacement

Superior Tailoring & Alterations does not do zipper repair because we cannot guarantee that a zipper will work again. We can do a zipper replacement, but because of how time-consuming the process is, we usually recommend you just replace the slacks or pants. Some exceptions would be that the pants are an heirloom or they are very costly and you don’t mind paying to replace the zipper.

​Our Happy Clients

Quilt Restoration

Rachel listened to me and finished an heirloom that I will cherish the rest of my life. I had part of a quilt that my great-great-grandmother had started for me as a baby. She died before it was finished. I have kept the quilted squares for years. I was always afraid to ruin it but Rachel took it and added her love on this project and as I said it will be a family heirloom that I can pass down to my daughter and so on. Thank you!

Karen Borillo

Women's Dress Alteration

Rachel helped me save a floor-length dress I needed to have fixed. After taking it to a different seamstress, my floor-length dress was returned with a botched hemline that was 3 inches shorter in a large area in the back of the dress. When I needed to have the dress fixed with only 2 days before my event, I found Rachel online and called her. She was genuinely concerned and wanted to help. She saw me at 8 pm that same night and had my dress back to me two days later with a professional and beautiful hem! If you need someone to trust with your dress, take it to Rachel!

Ana Hernandez

Patch Sewing

Rachel did a great job sewing on my name tapes for my Army uniform! I will be back for any future sewing needs!!

Arkylus Beyer

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