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Men's Blazer & Jacket Alterations

There’s nothing like a sharp jacket or blazer to finish off a men’s outfit. But when a jacket or blazer doesn’t fit right, it takes away from the whole look. A jacket is supposed to make you look professional, polished, and put together. But if it’s too baggy or too long, it leaves the wrong impression. If you have a jacket you love but it doesn’t fit quite right or needs repair, let Superior Tailoring & Alterations help you out.

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​Estimated Price
Shorten Sleeves
$80 – $120
Sleeve Bagginess
$120 – $160
$80 – $240
Lining Replacement
Button Replacement
Pocket Repair
$5 – $80
$20 – $120

Men's Blazer & Jacket Alterations overview

Shorten the Sleeves

Shortening the sleeves is a common alteration for men’s jackets and blazers. When buying a jacket or blazer, people commonly buy for the shoulder width. Often people have broad shoulders and their arms don’t match the length of the sleeves. Shortening the sleeves makes the jacket look like it was made for you.

Reduce Sleeve Bagginess

Reducing the sleeve bagginess is another alteration we do on men’s jackets. It is a more extensive alteration because all the seams on the sleeve are invisible and we have to come at it from the inside. But reducing sleeve bagginess is a great option to make a coat more form-fitting.

Tailor the Torso

Having a tailored torso is what really gives that sharp, polished look to a jacket or blazer. To make a jacket more tailored in the torso, we can bring in the seams in the back to accentuate the triangle look found in many men’s backs—broad through the shoulders and narrow through the hips.

Replacing and Relining the Jacket

Have a favorite jacket but the lining is torn to shreds? Or have a blazer that you really want to have wow factor when you take it off and it has a brilliant lining? These are reasons to replace and reline a jacket. The process is very labor-intensive so be prepared for a higher cost. But, it’s well worth it in certain situations.

Button Replacement and Reattachment

Every now and then, a button just falls off a jacket. And we are happy to reattach it for you! If you still have the button, this is a simple task. If you don’t have the button, we may need to replace all the buttons on the jacket because most of the time, it is next to impossible to find a matching button.

Pocket Repair

Pockets in jackets and blazers can rip, and if they do, we can repair the lining of the pocket so you don’t have to worry about your items falling through.

​Our Happy Clients

Men's & Women's Alterations

Rachel is the bomb. She does all the pants on my suits and even did some items for my wife. [Superior Tailoring & Alterations is] fast, friendly, and affordable.

Andrew Melendrez

Quilt Restoration

Rachel listened to me and finished an heirloom that I will cherish the rest of my life. I had part of a quilt that my great-great-grandmother had started for me as a baby. She died before it was finished. I have kept the quilted squares for years. I was always afraid to ruin it but Rachel took it and added her love on this project and as I said it will be a family heirloom that I can pass down to my daughter and so on. Thank you!

Karen Borillo

Patch Sewing

Rachel did a great job sewing on my name tapes for my Army uniform! I will be back for any future sewing needs!!

Arkylus Beyer

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