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How Does a Fitting for Alterations in Albuquerque Work?

What’s possible with custom-fitted clothing and alterations in Albuquerque, NM? Our customers constantly tell us that they had no idea we could make their clothing fit so perfectly!

I visit today with one of my favorite customers, Avram Gonzales, and talk about a couple of different things:

  1. How to purchase clothing to keep alterations costs down.
  2. What to look for (specifically) at the store to make your alterations more effective.
  3. Identify where your dress shirts or other garments could be adjusted to create a more professional or fitted look.

Let’s get into today’s episode!

Begin Transcription of ‘How Does a Fitting Work for Alterations?’

Hi, Rachel at Superior Tailoring & Alterations. We’re here today, actually, going over a fitting. How I do a fitting and what goes into it and how you can benefit from getting a fitting done and seeing how your clothes can fit better.

So we have Avram here, he’s going to show us some of the things that he’s got going on with his garment. And, we’ll go over how I would fix that. Here we go.

So here’s Avram!

Hey, what’s up?

So Rachel taught me a couple of things about how to shop for the things that she can actually alter and change. So for me, there are two places that, actually, run into issues when I’m trying to find garments that fit me, especially shirts.

Usually, it’s some gut stuff, right? A little bit bigger here than I’d like to be, sometimes. Then the other thing too, is shoulders, right? So actually, I found this shirt in a medium. This brand typically runs, and what I’m finding, runs smaller than a typical medium.

Click on the video above to learn more:

So what I was finding, was that when I put those shirts on, it was really tight in the shoulders. I didn’t have any room to do stuff like this. So her recommendation was fit to the largest part of your body and then we can tailor everything else. And so, that’s what I did and that’s why I’m here, is because I went up from a medium to a large.

Now I’ve got this shirt, the shoulders actually work nice here and it’s not super stretched in the back. And she’s going to actually take us through here and show you what she would alter and change on this garment, now that I found it. I went and found this at, is it TJ Maxx or Marshall’s or something like that, and it was only 15 bucks.

So I know that with Rachel services I can come in, she can do stuff and maybe an hour or two hours time and I can get a really nice shirt, the way that I want it to fit, for under a hundred bucks.

Sometimes, it might even only take her an hour to do the work. And so, what am I looking at? 50 bucks for a nice shirt, maybe 85 bucks for a really nice, perfectly fitted shirt.

So, take us through what we’re going to do.

We’re going to go through what I would do as a fitting and I’ll show you what I’m looking at. So first off, I noticed that the sleeves are very long. You can see how it bunches up here. We don’t really like that. It’s right where the hand should be, but it’s super long here.

And then we’ve got some space on the side here. So if I actually put my fingers in there, you can see that’s a good three inches. So it’s, definitely not a good fit. It’s super big here, it’s kind of big here. There’s some big areas here. But big is better than small. We can do something with small as well.

So if a shirt’s too small, we can do something. But with the bigness here, we can definitely tailor this. So what I’ll do is I would, actually, shorten the sleeves. Because you can see that it is quite long. We’re going to shorten that sleeve up. And he’s got nice shoulder-width here. This actually goes right to the shoulders. We could bring it in a little bit, but we’re really not going to worry, about that. And then the sides here. So, we’ll just taper this in. If you’ll lift both of your arms up, you can see how there’s really no shape that actually helps him.

So it’s quite large here and quite large here. A lot of room. So, I would actually bring in this side and bring in this side and then I’d actually extend that up through the arms as well because there’s some bigness in the arms as well. So as well as the length, also the bigness here. So we would actually go through and skinny up the arms, skinny up the sides.

And then there’s nothing wrong with the length, the length is good, a good tucking shirt. And if we look at the back as well, then we’ve got the room through the shoulders. That’s really important. He needs to be able to move and be human. And then we’ve got some room back here.

So sometimes we do find that when we take in the sides that it brings in the bigness here, we see some puckering and stuff back here, and if it doesn’t, we can actually put in some darts. It really depends. Darts are more for women, but if we need to with men it, it makes that great fit look even better. So we’ve got that room there. And that is what I would do with a fitting.

And where do they find you?

You can go to the link below here, or you can go to my website, or you can call me. My phone number is listed on that website. And those are just a couple of ways that you can find me to do this fitting for you so you can get that custom fit for yourself.


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