March 18


3 Things We’re Doing in Response to the Current Health Crisis

We’re living in a time that few could have ever predicted. We’re in uncharted territory, but even as social distancing recommendations come into effect life continues marching forward.

We want to let you know that we are in fact open for business and ready to assist you with your tailoring and alteration needs.

We’re also sensitive to the current health climate and are putting into effect a couple of new practices that will surely help our clients with peace of mind during this challenging time.

Here’s What We’re Doing

  1. Now Offering Complimentary ‘No Contact Delivery’ : We’ll drop your finished garments at your door and call or text you when they’ve been delivered. This only applies to clients who already have items with us. We’ve currently paused the intake of new orders.
  2. New Preventative Health Measures: Upon pickup, we’ve begun surrounding garments with the same plastic garment bags you commonly see used by dry cleaners. Additionally, we’re going above and beyond our regular standards of cleanliness and wiping down our machines and workbenches between every client order processed.
  3. New Product: Face Masks – We’re now creating face masks for hospitals and for local home service businesses. We recently received a fabric donation from Ann Silva that will allow us to fabricate over 200 masks to donate to local hospitals. For local service businesses like house cleaning, HVAC, pest control etc. we have two styles of masks that we’re fabricating and selling for $12/each. One style is a pattern following CDC guidelines. Call us immediately if you need masks fabricated for your employees. (505)

In time, this too shall pass. We’ll see everyday life slightly interrupted and we will adjust and just have to do things a little differently! For now, it’s me, my fiance Avram, and my little French bulldog Zuna hanging out here at the shop practicing social distancing and waiting for you to call about your project πŸ™‚

Because we could all use more positivity right now, I’m going to leave a cute picture of Zuna for you to ogle over and show one of your family members.


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