Face Masks For Sale for Essential Businesses in Albuquerque

I spent most of this past weekend creating re-usable cloth face masks for the local hospital staff that is serving on the front lines in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Thanks to Ann Silva’s generous donation, I have 15 yards of fabric to work with to create face masks.

With the help of my fiance and his parents, we started assembly.

two seamstresses working at a table with their sewing machines fabricating cloth face masks

Looks like we’ll have 192 finished face masks here in the next week or so!

We’re Also Making Face Masks for Essential Businesses in Albuquerque

In addition to the face masks that we’re fabricating for healthcare workers, we began manufacturing masks for several local service businesses in Albuquerque when they reached out to us. (Shout out to Sandia Green Clean for the idea to do these commercially for local businesses)

Reversible Face Masks

We made 30 of these masks for Sandia Green Clean, a local green house cleaning company. It was important they had something functional to help put their customers at ease, and also offer some variation to style for their employees to choose from.

We’re selling these masks for $15 each. Fabric and design options limited due to closures.

Masks Meeting CDC Protocols

We found the pattern for this mask in an article by the Courier Press. It meets the CDC protocols and is deemed acceptable during a crisis time like this. We made 30 of these masks for Bosque Heating Cooling & Plumbing, completely made out of black to suit their company colors.

These masks are currently selling for $12 each. Fabric and design options limited due to closures.

We’ll Continue Making Face Masks for Healthcare and Essential Businesses in Albuquerque

Give us a call at (505) 792-1498 if you are interested in getting some face masks for your essential business. We are limited on fabric and design options with closures around town, but it’s possible we could get fabric in 2-3 days if ordered online.

In the meantime, we’re going to continue work on the 192 face masks that we have in the process that is going directly to local hospitals. We’ll update you more on that as they are completed and delivered!

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  1. Hi what you are doubg is amazing i work as a Home health provider how much are your masks i would like to try and purchase some for our caregiving team.

  2. I would love to have 2 Face Masks each for my husband and myself. A total of 4 masks. How do we order these masks? My phone number is 505 980-3969. We saw you on TV news in Albuquerque Chanel 13.
    Thank-You so very much, Theresa Franks

    1. Hi Theresa, thank you for contacting me here!

      I’m happy to help create masks for you and your husband.

      Please visit my Etsy shop to browse all available colors and styles.

      Click here: https://superioralterationsnm.com/shapedmasks

      You’ll be able to submit your order there and I’ll be able to ship your order directly to you.

      Thanks so much,

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