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About superior Tailoring & alterations

Our mission at Superior Tailoring & Alterations goes beyond altering a clothing item for the right fit. We are passionate about helping you feel confident in the skin you’re in. This passion comes from the founder, Rachel Veronica, who’s life took a negative turn before she made some important realizations and decided to make her own dreams come true.

Rachel had just finalized a divorce, finally realizing she hadn’t been treated well and wasn’t made to believe she was beautiful or worthy. As Rachel realized the truth about herself—her beauty inside and out, and her strength— she found the courage to end the destructive relationship, quit her day job, and make her side hustle her full-time career. And so, Superior Tailoring & Alterations was born.

Having clothing that made her feel good helped something click for Rachel. She realized when her clothes fit well, she felt more confident and ready to take on the world. And with Rachel’s natural gift for sewing that she’d already been using frequently as a side job, she made it her mission to help others have the same empowerment from a properly-fitting outfit. So whether it's the perfect sleeve length for that power suit, the right snugness in the bodice of a dress, or the alterations that make a wedding dress transform the bride into a queen, Rachel’s skill and passion create empowered experiences for her clients.

If Rachel’s not sewing, she’s probably using her hands to work on another project around the house or in the yard. She’s very handy and loves to learn new skills! Rachel's also obsessed with New Mexican food and enjoys cooking, hiking, and camping. She’s a New Mexico native, but only recently returned to the state a few years ago after a stint in Montana. Rachel also has a French bulldog named Zuna, and fiancé, Avram.