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You’re meant to feel amazing in your clothes! But that just doesn’t happen if they don’t fit right. Superior Tailoring & Alterations exists to help you feel confident in your skin and in your clothes. Don’t settle for clothes that aren’t quite right. You deserve better! Contact us today to book an appointment.

Our Tailoring Services

At Superior Tailoring & Alterations, making our customers completely satisfied with their alternations is our main goal. We provide a wide variety of customizations and alterations, for men, women, and other alterations needs.


From dress shirt sleeves to tuxedo waistbands, Superior Tailoring & Alterations provides careful alterations to make any men’s clothing have the ideal fit. 

woman having measurements taking for dress alterations

Feel amazing in your clothes with customized alterations, whether that’s hemming a dress, shortening sleeves, or bridal alterations for your wedding dress. We do it all.


Whether it’s the fit of your medical scrubs or the length of that amazing coat you found, we know those miscellaneous items sometimes need attention too. 

​Our Happy Clients

Women's Dress Alteration

Rachel helped me save a floor-length dress I needed to have fixed. After taking it to a different seamstress, my floor-length dress was returned with a botched hemline that was 3 inches shorter in a large area in the back of the dress. When I needed to have the dress fixed with only 2 days before my event, I found Rachel online and called her. She was genuinely concerned and wanted to help. She saw me at 8 pm that same night and had my dress back to me two days later with a professional and beautiful hem! If you need someone to trust with your dress, take it to Rachel!

Ana Hernandez

Men's & Women's Alterations

Rachel is the bomb. She does all the pants on my suits and even did some items for my wife. [Superior Tailoring & Alterations is] fast, friendly, and affordable.

Andrew Melendrez

Patch Sewing

Rachel did a great job sewing on my name tapes for my Army uniform! I will be back for any future sewing needs!!

Arkylus Beyer

​​Frequently Asked Questions

How much do alterations cost?

Because every garment and every person's body is different - it really depends! We've done our best to give some very general price estimates for various alterations on each of the service pages on this website to give you an idea of what to expect. The best way to get an accurate quote is to schedule a fitting so that we can properly assess the project and give you the option to move forward with us.

Where are you located?

We're mobile! That means that we come to you in the comfort of your own home for a small convenience fee. This fee also includes delivery and drop-off of your item when it is completed. We used to have a space previous to the health crisis of 2020 and we look forward to having one again. For now, you can book a fitting online and we'll come to you.

Do you also do men's alterations?

Absolutely! We love working with men in addition to the many daughters, mothers, and professional women that we serve on a regular basis. In fact, some of our clients happen to be the most dapper men in the Albuquerque metro!

Do you do bridal alterations?

There is no higher honor for us than to serve brides in helping them look amazing on their special day. We love doing bridal alterations in Albuquerque because it showcases the pinnacle of what's possible with tailoring and alterations services, and we strive for nothing but the best. Please call us at (505) 792-1498 for more information on the bridal alteration process as it's different and more intensive than traditional alterations.

What's your turnaround time?

Turnaround times can vary dramatically depending on the season and how many projects are ahead of you in the queue. At any given time we can have upwards of 50-80 garments with assigned due dates ahead of yours when you schedule your fitting. Most common turnaround times are about two weeks but can be up to a month in some cases, but you will be given a definitive return date before you decide to engage with our services.

Can you do a rush job?

Yes! We frequently receive last minute requests to alter garments for special events. We charge an additional $80 on top of the estimate you're given to complete the work faster than our standard turnaround times, even if your alteration is a simple job that takes less than an hour. Why such a substantial fee even if it's a quick job? Because our staff has to work overtime beyond regular working hours to get your order completed along with the other orders that are due that day.

Do you have any guarantees?

Yes! We call it the 'Superior Promise' which is our guarantee that we will complete any alteration to 100% satisfaction for no additional charge. Tailoring is a process, and sometimes that means your garment may need a little bit of extra attention once it's returned to achieve the perfect fit. When you get a quote from us, it's a done deal and it includes as many alterations as required to make it perfect. That's our promise.

How do fittings and appointments work?

When you schedule a fitting through our online appointment portal, you're reserving a spot in our schedule to get you the most accurate quote possible, and to gather all the information we need to accomplish the task. That almost always includes you trying on the garment for us which allows us to measure and pin the garment in whatever way necessary to make the proper alterations. Fittings are limited to 30 minutes each and have a maximum of 3 garments so that we can ensure ample time to get to our next appointment. Call us or schedule your next fitting here.

​About Us

When you talk about someone that fits the saying, “If you do something you love, you’ll never work a day in your life,” that’s Rachel Veronica. Owner, of Superior Tailoring & Alterations, Rachel fused her passion for sewing with her personal mission of making others feel valued and worthy in their own skin. 

How Does It work ?

Curious about the process of getting an item (or items) of clothing altered? We guarantee to make the process wonderful for you and we don’t call it quits until you’re completely satisfied.

Book a fitting

Don’t let that too-big dress shirt or awkwardly fitting dress hang on the hanger another day. Set up an appointment today to see how we can alter your clothing to make them have their best fit for your body.


The Superior Promise

Superior Tailoring & Alterations gets our name, in part, from our Superior Promise — our guarantee that your clothing or alterations will come out exactly like you want them. We believe our customers should pay for the desired outcome they want and will receive, not the hourly labor it takes to get there.

Step 1

After the initial alteration, for any piece, we do a second fitting to measure the progress. In some cases, the piece is complete, and in others, we need to do another round of alterations.

Step 2

For no additional cost, we will alter the garment to get the perfect fit, sometimes on the spot, and other times we will need to take it for an additional day or two to complete the job.

Step 3

Once any additional tweaks are made, we promise you’re wearing the item of clothing exactly as you wanted it to turn out. The Superior Promise means 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

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